Buck Creek Mastiffs

One of the biggest dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club, the massive mastiff loves being around people and is known to bond closely with his "family".  A combination of grandeur and good nature as well as courage and docility, he was bred in England and used as a watchdog for more than two thousand years.  The breed's short coat can be fawn, apricot, or brindle.

English Mastiffs

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Feel free to contact us by phone at (618)676-4107 or (618)676-4116. Check out our contact us page for email information.

We are a family owned business located in southern Illinois.  We have been raising puppies since 2008, and pride ourselves on raising wells-socialized and friendly pups.

English Mastiffs are classified by the American Kennel Club as working class dogs and also one of the largest dog breeds.